The Story

Once upon a time doing business was fairly straight forward.

You supplied a real skookum product or service. You advertised. You made sales. Life was good.

Then things became complicated.

The internet snuck in when you weren't looking and changed the way you had to do business. It became the way people found you. The way they researched your company. The way they discovered what other people said about you.

And then your competition (those dirty rotten bast*rds!) figured out how to get to the top of the search engine listings and shove your listing all the way down into the basement.

Throw in a financial meltdown, some meddlesome government regulations, higher taxes, unreliable employees, increasing costs and a pandemic to top everything off...

...and you have all the ingredients you need to put your company on life support (if not kill it off entirely).  

Yet despite all this, there are companies that not only survive in these insane conditions, they thrive.

How do hell did they do it? How are these small businesses able to

  • make their company become more valuable than their competitors?
  • make their company so attractive they are offered 7 to 8 figures to sell it?
  • generate more profits with one or two internal profit centers than they do with their core business?
  • weather any economic downturn and actually become more profitable?
  • run their company on auto-pilot so they can pursue their real passions?

The answer, it turns out is not by working harder.

Working harder, they discovered, only stressed them out, made them look 73 when they're only 42, lose time with their family and got them a small cramped underground apartment sooner than they wanted.

No, the answer to how these companies did it was actually much more fun...

The Problem

Stiff competition. Staff turn over. Declining margins. Pandemics.

The list of things looking to cripple your business seems almost endless.

Yet there are companies out there that know how to thrive no matter what the world throws at them.

Why is that?

More importantly, why isn't your company one of them?

The Solution

So what are successful companies doing that you're not?

They've discovered not only how to leverage their customer list in highly profitable ways...

...but also how to find hidden assets in their company and turn them into automated 5,6 & 7 figure profit centers.

Your company can be one of them.  

What kinds of Profit Centers are we talking about?

Here’s just a sample of some hidden assets that could be generating profits for you right now on auto-pilot...

  • Every lead you create - whether they buy from you or not - can be turned into additional cold hard cash you could stuff into your pockets every day
  • If you sent out a monthly newsletter to your customer list, the actual physical newsletter itself can easily become a six figure profit center.

    And that's not even including all the money you'd make from the content IN the newsletters. These newsletters are self-funding, won't cost you a dime and can make a hefty profit. And if you set it up the way I coach, the darn things get read front to back
  • Each of your top employees can be their own profit center - adding another five to six figures to your bottom line
  • There several ways to have both direct and indirect competitors motivated to sell your products and services for you
  • You could build your own “Costco” style profit center for your business or industry that can run on autopilot and easily generate 6 to 7 figures a year
  • There is a simple product you and/or your best employees can create that companies similar to yours (but outside your service area) would gladly license from you to give to their customers
  • There is at least one thing (more likely dozens) your company is successfully doing right now that can be easily packaged up and sold to generate an additional 5 to 7 figures a year
  • There are a literally hundreds of different ways right now you could creatively market any of your products/services to make your company stand out from your competitors like a cherry red Ferrari does in a parking lot filled with beige Buicks.
  • Did you know that with a little twist to a common item that’s been around for centuries you can instantly create 16 powerful ways to help grow your business? And what happens when one or more of those 16 ways turn out to be home runs? It can be spun off to become a brand new 6 figure profit center you could put on auto-pilot
  • Did you know that your business is sitting on at least one (if not several) 6 figure arbitrage profit centers that leverages other companies in your city or even from around the country?
  • No matter what type of business you run, there is a special type of relationship you have other companies would pay a King’s Ransom just for the privilege of having access to it
  • Rather than paying you once, there are nine different methods you can choose from to have customers pay you on an ongoing monthly basis. What would a reliable, dependable flow of cash coming in every month do for your business?
  • There is a little known method to convert average employees into tireless workers that are motivated to produce 6 figure profit centers for you

This is only the tip of the iceberg. A taste. A teaser.

Something to make you toss around in bed at night fuming at thought of all that money you've been missing out on.

Or all those trips you and your family could have taken. Those toys you could have bought for yourself. The many worthy causes you could have helped.

And most importantly, how much sooner you could have hired a full time personal chef so you never have to choke down your spouse's leftover meatloaf again.

If this is the kind of coaching you’ve been missing out on, the kind of information you’ve always wanted to know about…

…then book a no-obligation consultation to see if you qualify for my Profit Center Coaching Program.

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