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Oh Hey...
Ever had contacts in other companies play an epic game of 'How Slow Can I Go?'
when responding to your requests?

Here's how to get them scrambling to reply to you instead!

Do you know someone in another company who takes their sweet mother luvin' time responding back to you?

Want to develop a rapport with them that's so strong they'll jump on your request right away instead of shoving it to the bottom of a pile of labeled: "The Abyss of Neglected Tasks"?

Then you're going to love Wickedly Brilliant Email Openers (Colleague Edition)!

It's got all the charm, wit and "snort coffee out the nose and all over their keyboard" capabilities as the Business Edition but written specifically for people in other companies who you've interacted with before.

And when you toss in a Wickedly Brilliant Email Signoffs at the same time, you'll invoke the "Triple Threat That's Hard To Forget"...

...and have that contact of yours hail you as the King of email comedy as they triumphantly parade your email around the office for all their envious co-workers to see. 

Getting all Curious George on me about what these email openers look like?

Well George, let me remove that curiosity and saturate your mind with possibilities never before dreamed of...

  • "Salutations, fellow office denizen! May your day be filled with more productivity than procrastination, but not so much that you want to bang your head against the desk."
  • "Hello there, fellow corporate titan. I hope this email finds you well and not drowning in a sea of paperwork like a character in a Kafka novel."
  • "Ah, my dear colleague, how I have longed to reach out and touch the hem of your garment, or at least your inbox. I come to you today with a message of hope, humor, and a slightly concerning level of caffeine consumption."

Funny stuff right? But wait, there's more! 130 to be exact. 

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Add Wickedly Brilliant Email Openers
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