The Story

Once upon a time running a business was pretty simple.

You offered awesome products/services. You advertised. You made some sales and earned a good living.

Then things went sideways.

When no one was looking, the internet snuck in and changed how every one did business. It became the way people found you. The way they researched your company. The way they discovered what other people said about you.

But then your competition (those rat bast*rds!) figured out how to use the internet to make their business rock and plunge your sales into the sewer at the same time.

How the hell are they doing that?

How are your competitors able to...

  • Be found on the internet so easily?
  • Rank at the top of the search engine listings?
  • Convert so many website visitors into customers?
  • Increase the lifetime value of a customer?
  • Get their customers to come back to buy more often?
  • Get their customers to give them 5-star Google reviews that sound like love letters (aka mini testimonials)?
  • Grow such a strong relationship with all their customers that many became raving fans who refused to shop anywhere else?
  • Talk to ALL of their customers everyday about information they want to hear about without having to hire more staff?

The answer, it turns out was not by working their butt off more than you.

They quickly realized that working their butt off would only stress them out, lead to bad health, rapid aging and a dark, cramped underground apartment with a really, really lousy view.

No, the answer to how your competitors achieved so much seemingly without much effort came down to one single thing. 

And that one thing is...

The Problem

Stiff competition. Staff turn over. Declining margins. Pandemics.

The list of things looking to put your business on the chopping block is almost endless.

Yet there are companies out there that know how to thrive no matter what the world throws at them.

Why is that?

More importantly, why isn't your company one of them?

The Solution

"Always communicating with their customers before, during AND after the sale."

Yeah I know - a totally underwhelming revelation, right?

But here is the thing you need to remember.

In today's internet driven world, nearly all of the communication they're doing is done with simple "words".

Even in videos - your competitors are using words to communicate their soothing message not only to their customers but yours too.

So when it comes to communicating to YOUR existing and future customers, you need to use words in all kinds of ways to tell them how you help solve their problems.

Lots of words.

Words on your blog. In your emails. On your sales materials. 

Words in your news releases, your advertising and your physical letters.

But not just any words. 

You need words that stir the emotions of a customer and compel them to take action to either get on your list or buy from you.

That’s why as a Wizard of Words, I’ve focused my skills on the two most profitable areas in business:

  1. Getting prospects and customers onto your marketing list (like email)
  2. Communicating to your list to create a relationship and repeat buyers

The 3 primary methods I use my Wizardy ways to convert words into profits are... 

  • Creating Enticing Lead Generation Reports
    When people download these irresistible reports they're automatically put on to your marketing list. Once they're on your list, you can communicate with them on a regular basis to build rapport and make sales. 
  • Email Autoresponder Marketing Campaigns
    This is an automated followup series using email to present a new aspect of your product or service over a series of days. This gives you multiple opportunities to find and push a prospects "Oh man! I gotta buy this now" hot button without the worry of overwhelming them with all your information all at once.
  • Daily Email Marketing ( "Yikes! Really?"  - Oh yes really!)
    This is the most magical tool you have in your marketing arsenal for turning words into profits. When done in an "Info-taining" way, people look forward to your emails and don't even realize they are being sold to every single day.

    I've sold millions of dollars of boring-ass area rug cleaning equipment with this method. Readers always felt they received value in a fun and entertaining way and ended up buying equipment like $60,000 rug centrifuges as a result. 

    Think of daily email as your own "Talk Radio" show where people in your market tune in everyday to hear you talk about stuff that interests them and then have you sell them stuff at the same time. 

    Can you think of a better way to easily communicate with your customers, stay "Top of Mind" and make more sales? (Ask me how this can actually work in your business).

Other areas where I like to magically turn words into profits are

  • Newsletters (both physical and digital - these can become a six figure profit center on it's own)
  • Case Studies (these are powerful tools for converting prospects into customers)
  • Advertorials (These are ads disguised to look just like articles. They're highly persuasive because they present valuable information to the reader and then lead them to take some type of action - like calling you, or download a free report, get a free sample or discount, etc).   

 If you want to harness the mighty power of words to convert themselves into profits for your business...

...simply click the button below to fill out the form with your contact information and let's get crackin'!