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The Wickedly Brilliant Formula That BUSTS Through The Cold Email Barrier and Gets Prospects Excited To Respond...

The Wickedly Brilliant Formula That Busts Through The Cold Email Barrier and Gets Prospects Excited To Respond

Want to guarantee your cold emails will not be ignored and sent to the digital dust bin along with a curse upon your name?

Want to quit sending what you think is "the perfect cold email" only to find it has less influence than the political views of a rubber chicken?

It's time to level up your outreach game with "Wickedly Brilliant: Cold Email Formula (Business Edition)"... you can bulldoze through the barrier that turns ordinary cold emails into piles of digital dust the second they crash into your prospect's inbox.

So say goodbye to those bone-dry, snooze-inducing messages that make your prospects doze off faster than a sloth on Ambien.

Instead we've got something much more electrifying in store for you. 

Inside these pages, you'll uncover the mystical art of blending humor, wit, and strategic structure to create cold emails that pack such a punch...'ll have prospects responding back to you almost right away - even if you don't have a funny bone in your body. 

The Secret?

Let's face it, most cold emails prospects get have all the appeal of a dirty dishrag. 

They lack personality and originality and reek of sales pitches that instantly kill their attention or interest.

So if you're tired of dismal response rates you need a radical shift in your approach.

And what's more radical than infusing your emails with humor. Yes, humor! 

It's like a secret weapon that activates a special part of your prospect's brain, instantly making you more likable and increasing your chances of getting a response.

Think about it. When you make someone laugh, it's like you've given them a gift. And people love to laugh. So why not use that to your advantage? By injecting humor into your cold emails and writing them in the "correct" way...'ll create a genuine connection, capture attention, and skyrocket your response rates.

And I've made it so fall-down easy, you'll actually be "assembling" your email rather than actually writing it.

"Whoa, Wait a minute!" you sputter as you slam your coffee cup down on the table, "you mean I don't have to write anything?"

"Not exactly," I say while wiping up splashes of coffee that jumped out of your cup, "You only have to write your offer (which I show you how to do) and then pick and choose the rest of the email and assemble it according to the formula."

"But," you start protesting while shrugging your shoulders, "I don't know how to write stuff in a funny way."

"Not a problem," I say while pouring you some more coffee, "I'll supply you with all the funny bits and the structure to make it humorous and you supply details for your particular prospect."

Easy peasey (no, seriously!)

In fact, in the Wickedly Brilliant Email Formula I will...

  • Show you how to turn the "From:" part of your email into and asset instead of a business killing liability (I mean they never heard of you before, right?)
  • Give you the most irresistible subject lines that virtually guarantees your emails get opened (yes they've been tested to the moon and back)
  • Supply you with the ideal opening lines to instantly hook the reader's attention and make them want to read your entire message (pick the one you like and BAM! Instant wit and charm) 
  • Hand you a truly unforgettable way to introduce yourself that conveys honesty, transparency and respect for your prospect (oh and a wee bit of humor)
  • Outline exactly how to present what you do in a way that impresses, intrigues and makes the prospect feel you are totally unique and not selling them anything (a cool under-the-radar Jedi "slip-inside-their-mind" kind of thing) 
  • Show you the most memorable (and humorous) ways to get your prospect say to themselves "Oh wow,  I've really got to reply to this email and meet this person."  
  • Give you a bunch of ways to short circuit any negative responses you might get (I mean who likes having strangers crashing their inbox - am I right?) and have turn them into humorous replies instead (usually...I mean some folks are just plain mean, so you'll instantly know who'd be a nightmare client. You're welcome).
  • Hand you my most highly guarded secrets for ending an email in a way that is so unforgettable it may even get passed around the office faster than a new viral "Poo Pourri" commercial on YouTube (I've seen it happen).
  • Plus some other goodies 

Ready to transform your cold email game from drab to fab?

It's time to embrace the power of humor, wit, and an easy-to-follow formula that will have your prospects rolling on the floor with laughter and scrambling to work with you.

Grab your copy of "Wickedly Brilliant : Cold Email Formula (Business Edition)" today and let's bring some thunder to your inbox. 

Success has never been easier or funnier – you'll be conquering the corporate jungle while your rivals are still figuring out how to spell "funny"! 

Order your copy of Wickedly Brilliant Cold Email Formula today...

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