When you watch how big companies operate, you'll learn some incredibly powerful lessons on how to get inside your customers head so you can make your business even more profitable.

Recently I had an experience with a pretty big company. They not only discovered a way to secure some prime real estate in my head but they also found a way to make sure no competitors could move in next door to them either. Here is what happened... 

One sunny but cool afternoon I walked over to my mailbox across the street.

Up until a few years ago I used to get my mail delivered to my house.

The post office has decided to save money by installing these neighborhood boxes. All they have to do now is drive up in a van and deliver the mail in one central spot instead of door to door.

Such are the times we live in today.

Anyhow, after I opened my mailbox I pulled out a letter.

It was from a company that provides me with a certain television service.

Kind of like Netflix but different.

I just subscribed to them about a week ago and already they sent me a letter I found kind of interesting.

On the envelope it told me right away who this was from.

And since I just joined them, they are still fresh in my mind so I had to see what it was about.

Once I got back inside the house I opened the letter.

What the letter did first was thank me for signing up with them.

Then it said something that caught my attention.

It let me know the other ways I would be able to enjoy my experiences with them.

Instead of just having it on my TV I could also watch their shows on my computer.

Or any of my mobile devices.

It then went on to describe some of the features I didn’t know about.


Adding up to 6 profiles.

The “watch later” button and why I would want to use it.

Viewing history.

Creating a kids profile so they cannot get access to any adult content.

All of it really interesting.

And valuable.

You can learn a lot from how big companies operate.

By seeing how they treat you as a customer.

The different ways they engage you.

The information they provide in order for you to have a better more rewarding experience with them.

In my case I forgot all about using them online.

They reminded me and so now I have it on my phone and my tablet.

Which means they've guaranteed I'll see their icon or use their service at least once a week.

Getting that kind of real estate inside the head of your customers is extremely valuable.

And as a business owner you should do everything you can to buy up as much real estate inside the heads of your customers as possible.


This company I have a subscription with does something else.

Not only do they use snail mail as a way to contact me.

They also use email to remind me about all the services they provide.

Reminders on how to set stuff up.

To update me with what they are doing to improve their service.

Bringing my attention to certain shows that are available or will soon be bringing on line.

It’s an effective way for them to communicate with me.

I always read my emails.

either on my phone or my computer.

Sure, I can unsubscribe from the email but I won’t.

Because I appreciate being updated.

Getting to know what new things are available.

My kids love the service because they get access to programs that normally wouldn’t be available.

And finding out what’s new for them is important to me.

Not that they watch a lot of tv.

They don’t.

But when they do, they have a better selection.

So as long as I receive valuable information from this company I am happy to receive the emails.

Anything I don’t want to read I can easily hit the delete button.

Which brings me to this one point.

By engaging me with valuable content they are building a valuable relationship.

One that makes me want to stay a customer with them.

Now, here's the million dollar question.

In what ways are YOU building a relationship with your customers to make them want to stay with you and spend more money?

If you’re not doing anything – you’re losing out big time.

But fear not.

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