Last night about 20 min before putting my kids to bed my wife asks me a question.

She asks me if there is anything wrong with the internet.

I said I’d take a look.

So I pull out my mobile phone and check for symbol at the top that says I’m connected to the Wi-Fi in my house.


No symbol.


I get up and walk over to our home office to check the modem. Sometimes it reboots itself and knocks us offline for a while.

Again nope - the modem was fine.

The wireless router on the other hand was a different story.

Usually you see a panel of green blinking lights on the front.

All I saw was darkness.

My 8 year old router was completely dead.


I don’t know about you but in my business I use the internet all the time.

To communicate with my customers.

To do research.

To upload information to my websites.

Having this happen meant my business was crippled.


I remembered that some internet providers I have here in my city provide free equipment.

At least the big major players - one of which I happen to be a customer of.

I called my ISP up and wouldn’t you know it - They would LOVE to send me a new wireless router.

For free.

They’ll ship it out to me right away and I should have it in about 2 days.


That’s what I call taking care of your customer.

They understand the concept of making it as easy as possible to use their service.

By providing me with free hardware to access their service they make me want to continue using them.

There’s also something else at play here.

The fact that they are invoking the law of reciprocity.

Whereby if they do something for me I feel obligated to return the favor.

In this case – continue using their service.

How can you use this concept in your business?

It all comes down to valuing your customer.

How much attention do you pay to the people after they bought from you?

What things do you offer your customer to make using what you sold them an even better experience?

How much do you communicate with them after they take home whatever they bought from you?

Do you follow up at all?

Make suggestions as to how to get the best and highest use out of what they just bought?

Provide case studies on how other people are creatively using what you sell?


Well guess what that leaves you open to?

It leaves you open to having your competitors seduce your customers to be with them instead.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can lock your customers up so tight they would never even consider going anywhere else.

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