When it comes to winning buyers and influencing markets, there is one important eye-opening element you must have to make it happen.

It's something you already possess but not really utilizing to it's best and highest use. To understand what it is and how it works, let me tell you about a business owner I phoned the other day...

I called a local business owner I know on the phone yesterday.

I hadn’t talked to him in a while and wanted to catch up and see how he was doing.

The way I met him was interesting.

He saw the work I had done for a good friend of mine and wanted to have the same thing.

What I had done was build a website for my friend after he completely lost the one he had.

That in itself is another story.

Anyhow my friend was desperate to get his website back up and asked if I could do it for him.

Now just so you know, I really don’t like building websites.

Not for a living anyhow.

It’s a lot of work, it’s tedious and there are people more talented than me at doing this kind of thing.

But because my friend needed my help and I knew his industry inside out, I agreed.

So I built it.

Now the one protocol I had to follow was this.

It had to be easy to use.

Easy to navigate.

It had to make it so the visitors to the site did not have to think.

So I did that.

And we got one kick ass website.

Not in terms of design but in terms of functionality.

And in results.

What kind of results?

Well after a bit of experimentation, we got high placement on Google organic searches.

Not just high placement but multiple page one listings.

Most days our main search terms typically got 4 to 6 of the top ten spots on page one.

Not all of the listings are from the main site.

A few of them come from other web properties we control.

Like YouTube videos.

Feeder websites like blogger.com (a Google property).

And a lot of the review sites.


Let me tell you how important the review sites are.

Every time a new customer comes into my friend’s business for the first time he asks them during their conversation how they found his company.

Overwhelmingly it was from the internet.

The second question they get asked is what made you choose his company?

The answer again overwhelmingly was because of all the online reviews.

Now I don’t do a lot of work on his website anymore maybe an hour a month to maintain it for him.

And in that hour I make sure his reviews are all over the internet.

My friend works hard at getting those reviews to come in.

Not those flakey “this is a great company” type of reviews.


We make sure they follow a simple protocol that gives their review some depth.

Some dimension.

A lot of detail.

The kind of detail that when prospects read them, they INSTANTLY get sucked into the story and become convinced they found the place for them.

The place they can trust.

Now there are two reasons customers are willing to give such great reviews/testimonials.

  • The service they are provided is absolutely top notch
  • My friend engages each customer and establishes a deep rapport with them

Both those reasons lead to feelings of trust.

Of the two, the most important element is the engagement.


Because we’re talking about humans.

Humans are feeling creatures and base most of their buying decisions on emotion and justify with logic.

And my friend goes directly for the emotion.

Even on the phone.

He is so good at it that he can turn 80% or more of the price shoppers into customers over the phone without having to do any hard selling.

It’s strictly based on engaging his customer and getting them to connect to their emotions.

It is probably the most powerful sales tool he has.

In fact, it is so powerful he has turned it into a profit center by teaching others in his industry how to do it too.

Engagement with your customer is the key element.

The key to connecting to your customer.

The key to making them become loyal to your company.

The key to having them give you incredible testimonials/reviews and most importantly repeat sales.

In my friend’s business he engages his customers one on one.

Then leverages that.

But one-on-one (or face-to-face) is not the only form of engagement.

There are others.

In fact I’m using two of them with you right now.

And when you use one or more forms of engagement in your business, your sales will explode.

Just like it did for my friend and his business.

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