Welcome to one of the most read web pages on the planet.


Well, okay maybe not this EXACT page.

I'm actually referring to any website's "about me" section.

Or if you fancy yourself to be...

  • the CEO of a Fortune 500 company,
  • the owner of a small business, or
  • a spicy team of bikini clad 22 year olds selling ice cold beverages at hot, sweaty construction sites

...you might call this the "About Us" section.

"The most read web page on the planet?" I hear you sarcastically mock me.

"Yes indeed! I mean just look at what you're doing right now. You're reading MY about me page."

"Touche, my friend," you concede, "touche".

Now that we've gotten all that cleared up, let me once again welcome you to my about me page.

And since this is one of the most read pages on a website, you can just imagine the amount of pressure I must feel to perform.

Luckily for you, I'm up to the task.

As a Maverick Marketer and a Wizard of Words (aka copywriter) writing a typical coma inducing "about me" web page is NOT something I'm good at - much like my Mandarin (I once accidentally insulted a group of Chinese tourists when they asked me what a particular restaurant served - who knew a lot of Chinese curse words contain the word egg?).

Anyways, the reason why "about me" pages are trafficked so highly is because people want to get a sense of who is behind the website.

You for instance want to know who I am, what qualifies me to talk about whatever my site is about and, most importantly, if you can trust me.

So rather than make you hunt and peck through blocks of text to find the stuff you want to know, I came up with a better idea.

Below you'll find some of the top questions I've been asked about my career.

If all goes well, my answers will either resonate with you and get you to explore the rest of my site or muddy up your impression of me so bad you'll wonder why anyone would ever want to  work with me.

Either way I'm cool with it. Stay or click away - it's all good.

So, lets get begin shall we?

Who are you?

Hi, I'm Jason Watts - a Marketing Maverick, a Wizard of Words and someone who enjoys finding the humorous side of life. Nice to meet you!

What is it you do exactly?

That is a rather complicated question. Actually, the question is easy, it's my answer that's complicated.

Basically I help companies leverage their existing customer list (and hidden assets) in ways they never imagined so they can create windfall profits on demand like it was Leprechaun gold.

How is this accomplished you ask? It's my own unique blend of a fresh steaming hot cup of Kurukahveci Turkish Coffee and three different disciplines (coaching, copywriting and maverick marketing) that produces all the astonishing results.

If you've downloaded and read the FREE digital version of my "Hidden Windfalls" book, then you already have a better understanding of this magical world I live in.

What's that you say?

You don't like reading things on a screen and prefer to kick it old school? Then you're more than welcome to order the $27 hard copy and feel it's soft, glorious pages ripple between your fingers tips - just clickity click here (coming soon).

Why are you called a Maverick Marketer?

When it comes to helping companies make more money... 

...I do what the Scottish refer to as being "a wee bit different".

You see while most business owners think in terms of advertising to generate business, I think in terms of finding hidden assets in your company and turning them into independent profit centers.

Assets that can often turn out to be more profitable than your primary business.

What's the story behind that Million Dollar envelope?

Interesting story. Back in 2005, I just finished setting up a formalized referral program for a local area rug cleaning company. It worked so well the business owner asked if I could help him market a machine he sketched on the back of a envelope.

When I agreed to help him, he offered me the position of marketing director and I got cracking on an innovative campaign.

In less than 24 months the product he sketched on that envelope became the number one recognized brand in the area rug cleaning equipment industry. We then built on that success by introducing other types of equipment and sold millions of dollars worth of it primarily on the back of - wait for it - email.

Yes, you read that right - email. Want to know how that was done? That's something you'll have to ask me about when we connect (which you can do by clicking here).

How did you help a rug cleaning company turn into the number one rug cleaner in the city?

Hey, not just the number one rug cleaner, Kemosabe, but one that charges the absolute highest prices AND is insanely busy too.

Not an easy thing to do in a market where the average customer thinks of your business as a commodity and price is the main deciding factor.

A lot of businesses get caught up in that low price, race to the bottom mentality (you perhaps? I sure hope not but if so - lets talk about how to fix that).

But neuroscience has proven human decisions are based in emotions - not logic (or price). So what I did is discover a unique way to get the customer's mind off price and engage their emotions instead.

This allowed the company to separate themselves from their competitors and charge a hefty premium people were all too HAPPY to pay (average cleaner charges $1.50 sqft, where as they charge as much as $20 sqft)

Along with this neuroscience based strategy I also used three other powerful methods which you will only get to hear about if you qualify to become one of my coaching clients.

What kind of copywriting do you specialize in?

Now THAT is a great question. When it comes to copywriting I focus on areas that keep your company engaged with your existing customers and new prospects.

I mean the last thing you want is for your competition to seduce and steal customers away from you because you've been ignoring them after the sale, right?

If you don't continually engage your customers and prospects by filling their heads with new offers, ideas and other ways your products & services can solve their problems, they'll forget all about you.

(Oh and don't tell me you have nothing else to sell them - my book "Hidden Profits" proves that isn't true).

The three ways I use copywriting to engage with your customers/prospects is with daily email, autoresponder sequences and newsletters.

  • Daily Email:
    My preferred method of using daily emails to sell products/services actually scares the bajeesus out of some mortals. They just don't have the cajones to take it and end up laying awake nights worrying in a pool of sweat.

    But after selling millions of dollars worth of equipment doing it my unique "info-taining" way (ask me about it), I can tell with 99.8% certainty you'd have absolutely no competition and would own the space completely.

    While my preferred daily email method is exciting for many, some people opt for this second method instead so they can sleep at night like a breast fed newborn.
  • Autoresponder Sequences:
    Sales are rarely made on the first round. They say it takes a minimum of 7 touches before people decide to buy. An automated email sequence can do that for you with each email focusing on a different facet of your product/service and describing how it...

    * solves a problem

    * brings to light a feature they were unaware of
    * can be used in a new way

    Email autoresponders have a compounding effect that over time convinces customers to buy from you without overwhelming them with all the details at once.

    The most interesting thing about autoresponder sequences is that you never know which aspect you've described about your product/service will be the one that pushes their "Forget the groceries Martha! I gotta have this now" hot button. The more emails in your sequence, the more chances you have to find and push that hot button.

    Oh and don't forget you only have to set the autoresponder up once and it silently goes to work selling your products/services forever without ever goofing off, phoning in sick or wanting time off for a vacation.
  • Newsletters:
    Before you get your knickers in a knot just know the newsletters I'm talking about ain't the ones your Granpappy used to drive.

    Nope - these newsletters are self funding, won't cost you a dime and can actually make you a hefty profit. And if you set it up the way I coach, the darn things gets read front to back.

Are there other types of copywriting projects you like to write?

Yes indeed - however these projects fall under the category of building your prospect/customer list. 

Lead generation: Valuable reports/information/guides etc. Prospects would download these in exchange for their email address (this is where live emails and/or autoresponders then take over to do a lot of the heavy lifting in terms of persuading, info-taining and selling)

Case studies: Highly persuasive stories detailing specific problems customers had and how they were solved by your product/service.

Think of these as testimonials jacked up on testosterone propionate steroids and then strapped to a Delta rocket booster (translation: powerful, highly relatable and persuasive as hell).

Advertorials: Advertorials look like real attention getting news articles published in media like local newspapers, trade journals, magazines & websites but are actually advertisements in disguise. Powerful, persuasive and oh so profitable.

Here are some examples... (coming soon)

What kind of coaching do you do?

The main kind of coaching I do is based on helping you find dozens of hidden assets in your company and turning them into profit centers. 

For example, did you know that if you send out a monthly newsletter to your customer list, those actual newsletters - by themselves - can easily become a six figure profit center?

And that's not even including all the money you'd make from the content IN the newsletters.

Or how about the fact your top employees can each become their own profit center - adding five to six figures to your bottom line?

Does your company already kick Spartan butt when it comes to generating leads? What if I were to tell you each and every lead you create - whether they buy from you or not - can be turned into cold hard cash you could stuff into your pockets everyday?

Are you beginning to see the potential profit centers hiding in your company? How you've never even noticed you've got a gaggle of metaphorical geese popping golden eggs out all over the place?

This is only the tip of the iceburg. A taste. A teaser.

Something to make you toss around in bed at night fuming at thought of all that money you've been missing out on. Or all those trips you and your family could have taken. Or all those toys you could have bought for yourself. The many worthy causes you could have helped.

And most importantly, how much sooner you could have hired a full time personal chef so you never had to choke down your spouse's leftover meatloaf again.

Can I just hire you to do copywriting for my company?

Of course you can! Depending on what you need and my schedule, you may be placed on a waiting list. But space does open up regularly so make sure you're on the list.

You're not on Facebook - why is that?

Quite simply Facebook to me is just a massive time-suck.

That and the fact it's an insidious platform designed to get people addicted to using it everyday...

...so the FB overlords can comb through everything you've said, clicked or liked in order to package all that info up and pimp it out like a whore over and over again.

And don't get me started on the diabolical way they've decided to become the thought police.

However from a marketing point of view, the platform is like an advertiser's wet dream.

Why is your profile a picture of you as a kid with a mustache?

Basically to convey the fact that even though I'm an adult and can even act like one when required, I'm still a kid inside. Put another way, I'm fun to work with, I love what I do and the adult part of me makes me honor all my commitments and do things to surprise my clients (in a good way).

I've managed to keep my sense of wonder, playfulness and overall zest (yes I actually said "zest") for life.

While many adults get jaded, beaten down and just want to have a nap...

...I've created a life filled with fun, creativity and within easy reach of a flight to Mexico whenever my body craves sun, sand and a bucket of iced cold beer.

~ Jason Watts

Wow, did you actually read this entire page or did you just skip to the bottom?