How did I get to be such a Badass email copywriter? 

Gather round my friends and bear witness to this most unusual tale... 

Many moons ago I became the marketing director of a local area rug cleaning company. 

Granted, that sounds about as exciting as sucking on a dirty wet dish rag...

But opportunities are hidden everywhere if you know how to find them.

And I found one. 

A big one.

A really, really BIG one.

One scribbled on the back of an envelope by the company owner.

It was a machine he was thinking of getting built for himself so he could vibrate dry dirt out of rugs before washing them. (Dirt + water = mud. No dirt + water= no mud. Much easier and faster to clean. Genius right?)

Now zip forward 23 months later and rather than keeping that ingenious device squirreled away in his shop...

I used it to create the #1 most recognizable brand in the area rug cleaning industry:

Built the website.

Filled it with glorious content.

Hit #1 on google search engine results.

Then sold millions of dollars of equipment using nothing more than personality rich & highly entertaining daily email.

Email marketing was a skill I had to learn fast and furious.

Kind of like learning to swim when you get tossed into a South American river with a few ravenous Piranhas to help motivate you - know what I mean?

Loved every minute of it.

Now what has this got to do with you? 

Simple –it’s the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Ok, ok, it’s really about your most valuable asset: Your Customer List.


Well my incredibly good looking friend…

It’s because those good ole bean counters discovered 80% of your future profits comes from 20% of your existing customers.

Need I say more?

And when I blend the Potent Power of email with Charismatic Content and a Wee Bit of Humor (aka my "Mesmerizing Formula")...

Your customers will enjoy their relationship with you so much, they'll love buying from you again & again.

It's all about the relationship with your customer list, baby.

The stronger you make it, the more profitable it becomes.

And when it comes to building relationships with a customer list, people say I'm "Tiger Woods" at it (along with some other stuff - just ask).